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GIP understands the rise of IoT and new technologies and the effect they are having on current business models. Organizations are needing to be more flexible and scalable when it comes to their business model. IoT is bringing more and more things into the digital fold every day. GIP works with your organization to show you how to embrace the rise of IoT and how to incorporate it into your business model.

IoTaaS (IoT- as-a-Service) allows us to transform everyday physical objects into a large ecosystem of data and information that will help us provide accurate insights. GIP offers many different products that help your organization take advantage of the data and information that is in arms reach. We know that with IoT comes connectivity and more data, but this wouldn’t be possible without sensors. Sensors detect and measure millions of data points.

GIP offers agnostic sensors that have many benefits like the adaptability of device allows it to be used in a wide variety of applications, saves time and money in developing a world class IoT capability, asset intelligence by Innovation Platform and Pitney Bowes. GIP also offers detailed analytics that takes the right data, from the right people at the right time to provide your organization with accurate insights.


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