Innovation Platform was developed over the past 5-10 years at an electric cooperative located in Stillwater, Oklahoma, where leadership recognized the need for a new model in response to the changing economy.​

Innovation Platform empowers businesses and communities with the ability to harness economic growth, achieve a greater quality of life, and competitively position the area for jobs and talent.

Our mission, vision and values come from a leadership team that continues to learn and grow, driven by the desire to be relevant and responsive to the digital market and our customers.



Today’s digital economy is thriving due to the ability to scale services and resources with access to technologies that once were only affordable to large companies, large communities and wealthy individuals. We focus on helping to close this gap for our customers by making these services affordable, accessible and scalable to meet the demands of a networked society.


Technology has been considered the great enabler for organizations, communities, and individuals for decades, along with innovation that has been at the heart of our global economy and quality of life. Global Innovation Platform was developed with an understanding and appreciation for the power behind technology to afford individuals and communities a better

experience and increased opportunities to achieve more.


As we look across our country, we see some very disturbing trends where rural communities and small businesses struggling to compete with companies that have resources and higher skill levels that allow them to adopt new technologies and adapt to change.


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NORMAN, OK 73072